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Alerts, Dangers, & Toxins
Precautions and Awareness

I cannot stress enough that everyone who owns and cares about birds must be ever vigilant in keeping up to date on the dangers lurking in our homes for our birds!

Although the lifespan of a bird in captivity should far exceed that of most pets, unfortunately that is often not the case. Birds are hardy and fragile all at the same time. Without the proper knowledge on the part of their owners, they often die needlessly due to toxins in our homes, or accidents that could have been easily avoided through wing clipping or close supervision. Even toys marketed for birds can cause death or injury if they are not the correct size or type for that particular species, or if they are not made with strict safety concerns!

There are many, many great websites that strive to keep us informed about these dangers, and about the constant addition of new products on the market that are harmful to birds. I will not try to reinvent the wheel, but rather will direct you to a very informative website who is doing a great job in this area:

Please see the Parrot Parrot website