Jodi's Exotic Birds

Also Available

Jenday Conure - mature F
This sweet girl lost her human parent to a long illness.  She is about 4 - 5 years old, tame and would make a wonderful pet.  She is in good feather.  $275 

Sun Conure - mature M
​He is friendly and was once a pet.  If someone wanted to work with him, he would probably tame down, but at this point would best be suited for breeding.  He is in perfect feather, about 2 - 3 years old.  $325.

Sun Conure - pairs (3)

I am selling 3 pair of Sun Conures.  Prices and descriptions of productivity vary, so please inquire for details.  All are in beautiful feather, one of the males has more than the normal amount of orange feathering.

Jardine's Parrot - pair (F proven)
Mature pair, bonded for about 7 months after the proven female lost her mate.  Both are about 10 years old.  $850.00

In the Nursery

Amazon Parrots
There are baby Amazon parrots in the nursery!  Now taking deposits.  These are Rescue Birds from the wild flocks in Orange County.  They are still being hand-fed and will be available to go home once they've been weaned for a minimum of 2 weeks. Most are Mexican Red-Headed Amazons, but I may get some Lilac-Crowns and some hybrids.  Adoption Fee:  $400