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Jardine's Parrot


The Jardine‚Äôs Parrot (Poicephalus gulielmi), is a medium-sized primarily green parrot from Africa. It has three subspecies. The extent and shade of the red or orange plumage on its head, thighs, and bend of wings vary depending on the subspecies & age.  They are about 11 in. long, mostly green with a short black squarish tail. Black feathers on the back, and wings have lighter green edges giving a scalloped appearance. The lower mandible is black and the upper mandible has a horn colored base and a black tip. The irises are red-orange, the eye rings are pinkish-grey, and the legs are grey-brown. The amount of red or orange on the fore crown, the bend of the wing, and thighs varies in the three subspecies. Juveniles lack red on the head, wings and thighs, and they have a paler beak and brown irises.

Three subspecies are now recognized:

P. g. gulielmi, - orange-red on forehead to fore crown, wings, and thighs.
P. g. fantiensis, - the fore crown is orange and there is an orange-red or orange on the wings, slightly smaller.
P. g. massaicus - similar to P. gulielmi except on the head the orange-red is less extensive occurring on the forehead above the beak.

They are playful, intelligent, and affectionate. They are great talkers and their size, temperament, and voice makes them good candidates for apartment dwellers, when compared to larger, louder birds.