Jodi's Exotic Birds

Picking Up Your New Baby


Your cage should be safe & appropriate size & bar spacing for the species & size of your baby. My personal preference is cages without a play top. Play tops darken the cage, shorten it, and foster a “cave like” feeling which may cause the bird to be more territorial. Also, when a bird is up high, it may also become difficult to handle while on the play top. And, birds like to roost/perch at the highest point in the cage, and if you have a dome top, you can place perches near the top, and the bird will have a nice, bright cage. A separate play stand can be available nearby.  It should be clean and used cages should be properly sterilized.  It should also be equipped with several toys, and at least 3 dishes, water, sprouts & pellets/other.


You need to bring an appropriate carrier for the species & size of your baby.  Kennel cabs (plastic cat/dog carriers) work well and are usually inexpensive. The cat size (smallest) is appropriate for most birds.  Put a soft towel on the floor of the carrier and attach a perch if possible.  (A cage is NOT a safe way to transport a bird as they can become injured if the car stops quickly.)  Bring another towel to shield the carrier from sun or make the baby feel safe.  If you have a long drive, you should bring a ¼ wedge of apple for your baby to eat during the drive home. This will provide both food and moisture.  I do not recommend holding your baby in the car because this is not safe in the event of an accident.  Carriers should be seat belted if possible to keep them secure.  If you do not come prepared with a proper carrier you may have to make a second trip once you have purchased a carrier because I will not let a baby go if I don't feel it can be transported safely.  


You should have already chosen a qualified avian vet. Please let me know if you need a referral.  Schedule your new bird checkup as soon as you set the date for pick up. It’s often difficult to get an appointment so you need to schedule in advance.  A new bird checkup should be done within 72 hours of pick up if possible.


You need to make some decisions about diet before you pick up your baby.  I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you continue using a sprouted diet for at least the first 3 months. If you change the diet of a newly weaned bird it may not eat well, if at all, which could be life threatening. In addition to sprouts, offer soft foods such as pasta, fruit & veggies, and you should also offer a small portion of pellets (I use Zoopreem Fruit Blend).  Purchase an avian vitamin powder (I use Avia for Birds) to add to the sprouts daily, and a powdered calcium supplement to add to the sprouts twice a week.  See my Diet Recommendations.


I will provide you with a 2 – 3 day supply of sprouts when you pick your baby up. This will last until your first batch is ready. You can order sprout mix from China Prairie or you can make your own using my DYI Sprout Recipe.  Sprouting is easy if you follow my Sprouting Instructions.