Jodi's Exotic Birds


Wild Parrots Among Us

It may surprise you to know that there are wild parrots living in many cities in Southern California. Because they live their lives in the trees, high above the ground, you may never get a good look at them. Many people living in those areas are aware of the parrots because of their loud vocalizations. If you find an adult or baby parrot on the ground, chances are it is either injured, or in trouble.

Occasionally, during the breeding season babies who are not quite ready to fly, leave the safety of their nesting cavity too early, and end up on the ground. In this case, the parents are near by, feeding the baby. However, they can’t protect it from predators, and in the days that it could take before that baby is able to fly off with the parents, it could easily be attacked & killed by a dog, cat, or other wild animals. Additionally,broken or sprained legs and wings are not uncommon when they hit the ground, and they may require medical treatment, If you find a wild parrot that you believe is in trouble, please contact me for assistance as soon as possible.  I have been involved with wild parrot rescue for many years.

Domestic Parrot Rescue

I also take owner surrender pet parrots, as space allows.  If you have a parrot that you want me to take, please contact me.