Jodi's Exotic Birds

Client Testimonials


August, 2013
When I chose to purchase an African Gray, I searched all of Southern California to see where the best place to buy a healthy bird was. After talking with several prospective breeders, Jodi was the clear choice. She was very friendly, knowledgeable, and was never bothered by my questions like everyone else. Once I met Jodi, I saw that she’s not overwhelmed with birds and could give my bird the attention it needed while being weaned. My mind was made up and I gave her a deposit for a Congo African Gray the same day! While Roxy (my AG) was being weaned, Jodi would give me constant updates and pictures of how well she was progressing. When I picked up Roxy, she was so tame and not shy at all. Today, Roxy’s still the most fun loving companion I could have hoped for. She’s healthy, beautiful, talking, and getting big! I can’t recommend Jodi enough. She’s a great breeder and couldn’t have expected more!

Veronica Q,

Redlands, CA

June, 2013
Three months ago when we were looking for a poicephalus I talked to a number of breeders and stores. When we discussed options with Jodi, her knowledge and willingness to share tips, techniques, and general knowledge really came through. It was important to us to get a bird that could interact with the rest of the family and visitors. We were interested in the poicephalus family because of the size, quietness, and level of activity. Jodi shared her experiences with the various pois species. We really appreciated her no-pressure, knowledgeable approach. We looked at several birds from various breeders and owners including a 3 month old Senegal she had. The others were good birds but Jodi’s Senegal was just that much more friendly, curious, and personable. I have seen many hand fed / tame birds before but none as socialized as this Senegal. It was obvious that she, and others, had spent a lot of time with the bird and he was just very comfortable being handled and interacting with both my wife and I. 

After the deal was sealed Jodi facilitated the DNA testing and answered every one of our questions. I admit I was initially a little skeptical about going with a primarily sprouted diet but it really is pretty easy. Winston (the DNA test came back male) loves them, our other bird took to them immediately and I have shared them with a few other parrot owners who say their birds enjoy them too. Speaking of other parrot owners most of them are amazed at how Winston will not only go to them but how he immediately wants to start a conversation and play. While I would like to take credit for this he was pretty much this way from the day we picked him up from Jodi.

Randy H
Yucaipa, CA

April, 2012
Adopting my 10 month old Jardine's parrot from Jodi was a great experience. She is so helpful and knowledgeable and her healthy and happy birds reflect it! Jodi is always willing to answer any questions and I'm grateful to her for matching our family up with our Dilly!

Amanda W
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

September, 2010
Over the years, I have purchased three birds from Jodi. A Congo African Grey, a Blue & Gold Macaw and a Red-Headed Amazon. With each bird, I was allowed the pleasure of bonding with them before they were weaned, and all are very sweet. She even gave me baby pictures of them. The Congo likes to cuddle with me, and likes to have his tummy tickled.

When my Congo got sick, Jodi helped me get him to a good doctor for treatment. It turned out to be a dietary problem, and she was very helpful in working with me to resolve that issue. Jodi is very knowledgable, and loves to share that knowledge. I would highly recommend Jodi’s Exotic Birds to anyone looking for a companion parrot!

Wayne D
Forest Falls, CA

March, 2008
The experience I had buying a bird from Jodi was awesome. If I had questions she was there to answer them. I asked her to send me pictures of my baby Congo and she was happy to do it. Every week she would send me pictures of what my bird looked liked and how much he had changed and gave me lots of updates on him. We have emailed each other quite a bit and also talked on the phone.

When it came time for my first visit she was wonderful.She showed me how to handle him the right way and just did a good job working with me. I have never met someone who is so dedicated to their birds as she is with hers. The cages she keeps her birds in are very clean and well taken care of. I went through a lot of breeders and Jodi was the only one to respond back fast. I plan on getting another bird in the future from Jodi. If anyone has any question please feel free to contact.

Kimberly G
Victorville, CA

October, 2006
I was looking for my first parrot and had e-mailed several breeders inquiring about different breeds and availability. Jodi was the only breeder to reply! (To be fair, one other breeder did finally reply... 1 month later) Jodi didn't have the bird I was looking for but took the time to find another for me. She actually found a breeder with several Maximillion Pionus, a breed I had not considered, but as it turns out, the exact bird I was looking for. About 2 weeks later I came home with Skittles, a just weaned Pionus. A perfect first bird and a joy to own, what a great bird.

When I picked up Skittles, I was impressed with Jodi's little "bird farm" (actually not so little) everything was very clean and very well kept. I was invited in and we sat and talked for about 30 minutes about my new bird as it got familiar with me and my daughter. Jodi took the time to make sure I knew what I was doing and gave very useful advice. It is obvious Jodi cares very much for any bird she sells, and is careful to make sure her birds go to good homes. After the sale Jodi has continued to be available for any questions and advise I may need. I have always wanted a parrot, and thanks in part to Jodi, (a large part) this is going to be a fun and rewarding experience. My wife and I are already thinking of getting another, and when we do, it will be from Jodi.

If all that isn't enough, any interested/prospective buyer is welcome to e-mail me for more glowing comments.

Thanks Jodi!

Frank B
Apple Valley, CA

October, 2006
This is a letter to thank you so very much for all of the information and help you provided when I picked up my Red Belly parrot. Your information with the feeding process was so helpful. It is clear that you have a great love for birds. Your years of experience with birds really comes shining through.

It was so wonderful to get Tivo home and listen to him speak. He really does say "baby." Also he responds to "give me a kiss." All evidence of how wonderful he was cared for by you. I am so happy with my purchase of my bird from you and will be sure and recommend you to all I know.

Thanks again Jodi for this little bundle of love.

Martie T
Fallbrook, CA

July, 2006
I would definitely refer any prospective buyers to Jodi. She impressed me with her knowledge of birds as well as her history with them. While waiting for Tango to be weaned I was able to come visit him and bond with him a bit before taking him home.

It was obvious that she took the time to work with him, getting him used to human contact so that when I was finally able to take him home, he was not frantic or upset about leaving, but went along with everything new that was happening to him with no problem. He fit in right away at his new home with me and is a sweet, well-adjusted Grey.

It's obvious that Jodi cares for and about each one of her babies. Even though Jodi doesn't breed Eclectus, she was able to offer some advice to me on where to go for problems I was having with my Eclectus at home. That advice was one of the most helpful pieces of information I have been able to find & I continue to learn from it. I would absolutely buy from Jodi again.

Debbie B & Tango, Congo African Grey
Escondido, CA

April, 2006
I was able to visit with my baby Timneh, Stormy, before he was ready to come home, while he was being hand-fed, and weaned. I had forgotten my camera, so Jodi offered to take pictures and send them to me via e-mail. I was able to get pictures of Stormy at different stages of his development.

Jodi spoils her birds with nothing but the best. They were always in clean cages and she weans them onto a healthy sprouted diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Jodi offers the promise of healthy birds, so I wasn't surprised when I got the results from my avian vet. My Stormy is a very happy and healthy bird!

Jodi is also a good source of information and offers to answer any questions you may have. I am very pleased with my baby Timneh. Jodi is very helpful and I will definitely be back when I am ready to add another member to our family!

Betty A
San Diego, CA

November, 2005
My experience with Jodi before purchasing Mystique (Timneh African Gray) was very informative and I was provided with excellent customer service throughout the whole deal. I was able to ask Jodi any questions and was given a warm welcome to call if any questions should ever arise. Jodi was really nice when we arrived for a pre purchase visit and shared some important information with us, and even went out of her way to look for a well-qualified avian veterinarian near my home (not an easy task).

The reason I chose to buy from Jodi was because: 1) she did not sell unweaned babies (one breeder in my area did). 2) When I gave her a call for the first time, she was really nice and gave me a feeling of a very caring breeder who wouldn't just sell to anyone. 3) Though an hour and a half commute, it was totally worth it, because I received a caring, well socialized, healthy (the vet tests came back clean) African Gray. To give an example, within the first 2 weeks of Mystique's arrival, there was a family gathering and she was extremely well behaved when it came to my little cousins wishing to pet or hold her on their finger.

If I were to buy one more bird, it would definitely have to be from Jodi and if any inquisitive customer has any further questions, please feel free to contact me.


Jose B
Lynwood, CA